Praise be to Allah, who made the successors of the prophets, the heirs of the apostles, the saddle of the world and the lamps of the Hereafter, guided by their guidance and enlightened by their light, and prayer and peace and blessings on those who sent science and education to the evils and innovations and ignorance, and to his family and companions. Wah The Shariah institutes flourished in Jirjan Iran in the second half of the 13th century, with a long pause in its effectiveness, which was destroyed for some reason. After the return of many students who graduated from schools across the river, And the establishment of Sharia institutes, especially for the Sunnis and the community in the region of Turkman Sahara, located in Jorjan and their interest in the preservation of religion. The founder of the Rabbaniya Institute in Jirjan Sheikh Orah Muhammad, one of those flags who graduated from the schools of the country beyond the river and God saved them the religion, and the highest word of truth, the establishment of the Institute and the dissemination of Islamic sciences and the call to God to insight and guided through the curriculum of moderation and This is especially true in the eyes of the people of that country. Then the children of the sheikh and his grandchildren inherited the science and the praise of Allah is still valid in his scientific advancement through the dissemination of science and Islamic culture and Arabic language sciences; They care about the graduation of a faithful and loyal generation of Islam, its nation and its homeland.